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CeColDB - How to contact us


This website was generated while investigating the collagen-like protein in C. elegans - which finally cumulated in our publication "The in-silico characterization of the Caenorhabditis elegans matrisome and proposal of a novel collagen classification", currently in submission at Matrix Biology.

The original idea was born by Dr. Collin Ewald based on his finding that collagens in C. elegans are important for longevity.
The identification and classification of cuticular collagen were then performed by Dr. Jan Gebauer.
This also leads to the following contact addresses:

If you have questions regarding...

  • collagens in general
  • collagens in C. elegans
  • this website & its' data

Dr. Jan Gebauer
AG Baumann
Institute of Biochemistry
University of Cologne
  • C. elegans
  • mutations in collagens in C. elegans
  • ECM and longevity

Collin Ewald
ETH Zurich
Extracellular Matrix Regeneration Laboratory
Schorenstrasse 16
8607 Schwerzenbach