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List of "collagen-like" genes in C. elegans

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Collagen-like genes

Gene name Wormbase ID UniProt ID Unigene ID Alias Clade
5H1 WBGene00018489 G5EDS0 F46E10.2 G5EDS0_CAEEL no_collagen
BLI-1 WBGene00000251 Q09457 Q09457.2 C01
BLI-2 WBGene00000252 O01904 CCD64978.1 B06
BLI-6 WBGene00000256 Q8MXR1 NP_741423.1 Col112 B14a
C16E9.1 WBGene00015865 CCD64766.1 no_collagen
C18H7.1 WBGene00015993 CCD63288.1 no_collagen
C24B9.3 WBGene00016048 CCD65462.1 no_collagen
C44E4.4 WBGene00016653 O01806 C44E4.4 no_collagen
CELE_Y51H7C.1 WBGene00021779 Q9N3I0 CELE_Y51H7C.1 no_collagen
CLE-1 WBGene00000527 G5EGA4 CAD56563.2 non-cuticular
CLEC-222 WBGene00007283 O62024 CAB03825.2 Collectin (C-Lectin)
CLEC-223 WBGene00007282 O17562 CAB03824.2 Collectin (C-Lectin)
CLX-1 WBGene00000551 Q18756 CCD67450.1 no_collagen
COF-2 WBGene00000583 G5EBT7 CCD64207.1 COL57 Gliomedin like proteins
COL-10 WBGene00000599 Q17460 CCD61421.1 B09a
COL-101 WBGene00000675 O45105 COL101 D10
COL-102 WBGene00000676 Q9GZF7 NP_499957.1 C08
COL-103 WBGene00000677 O45114 NP_499982.1 D04
COL-104 WBGene00000678 O44174 NP_500070.1 A3
COL-105 WBGene00000679 O44173 CCD63482.1 B14b
COL-106 WBGene00000680 Q8MXT6 NP_741318.1 B01
COL-107 WBGene00000681 Q86S35 COL107 B09a
COL-108 WBGene00000682 Q95Y22 NP_500133.2 B17
COL-109 WBGene00000683 Q9N527 NP_500138.1 B14a
COL-110 WBGene00000684 Q19592 CCD69718.1 B17
COL-111 WBGene00000685 Q9GYI3 COL111 C09
COL-113 WBGene00000687 Q18450 CCU83309.1 A4
COL-114 WBGene00000688 Q18975 CCD63361.1 B15
COL-115 WBGene00000689 Q9N3X9 CCD65704.1 C15
COL-116 WBGene00000690 O61525 CCD68525.1 D05
COL-117 WBGene00000691 G5EDG6 CAA90997.1 COL-3 B14a
COL-118 WBGene00000692 A5JYR8 COL118 C27
COL-119 WBGene00000693 Q18799 NP_501561.1 B18
COL-12 WBGene00000601 P20630 CAA98257.1 D10
COL-120 WBGene00000694 Q9XWR2 CAA21586.1 B16a
COL-121 WBGene00000695 Q20880 CAA93499.1 C11
COL-122 WBGene00000696 Q22183 NP_501700.1 B17
COL-123 WBGene00000697 Q23222 CAA94234.1 B09c
COL-124 WBGene00000698 Q9NAR3 NP_501867.1 B18
COL-125 WBGene00000699 Q18302 CAA92729.1 B14a
COL-126 WBGene00000700 not_existent unknown B09a
COL-127 WBGene00000701 G5EFU8 NP_502116.2 COL126 B09a
COL-128 WBGene00000702 Q19368 CAA97787.1 C12b
COL-129 WBGene00000703 Q21556 CAA92826.1 C21a
COL-13 WBGene00000602 P20631 CAA98258.1 D10
COL-130 WBGene00000704 Q19218 CAA94581.1 B09a
COL-131 WBGene00000705 Q18537 NP_502507.1 B08
COL-132 WBGene00000706 Q18536 CAA94328.1 C22
COL-133 WBGene00000707 Q9XUE9 CAB05195.1 C25
COL-135 WBGene00000708 Q86D04 CAD89749.1 non-cuticular
COL-137 WBGene00000710 Q9NAE0 CAB61143.2 D10
COL-138 WBGene00000711 A3QM98 CAM36330.1 B04
COL-139 WBGene00000712 Q20282 CCD71018.1 B16c
COL-14 WBGene00000603 P18834 P18834.2 B12
COL-140 WBGene00000713 Q19813 CCD62675.1 B01
COL-141 WBGene00000714 O17035 CCD68159.1 C21a
COL-142 WBGene00000715 O17036 CCD68158.1 C21a
COL-143 WBGene00000716 O17038 NP_504738.1 C21a
COL-144 WBGene00000717 Q17458 CCD61419.2 B09a
COL-145 WBGene00000718 Q17459 NP_505375.2 B09a
COL-146 WBGene00000719 Q22260 CAA94792.1 C21c
COL-147 WBGene00000720 Q22256 CAA94788.1 C21a
COL-148 WBGene00000721 Q17939 CAA98236.1 C04
COL-149 WBGene00000722 Q17417 CAA94874.1 B09d
COL-150 WBGene00000723 Q17418 CAA94875.1 C16
COL-151 WBGene00000724 Q17402 CAA94869.1 C09
COL-152 WBGene00000725 Q19979 CAA96649.1 B09d
COL-153 WBGene00000726 Q19514 CAA96625.1 B02a
COL-154 WBGene00000727 Q20805 CAA98486.1 B14a
COL-155 WBGene00000728 Q21184 CAA98487.2 B14a
COL-156 WBGene00000729 Q20927 CAA98490.1 B09a
COL-157 WBGene00000730 Q22393 CAA98525.1 B14a
COL-158 WBGene00000731 O17734 CAB02874.1 B02b
COL-159 WBGene00000732 Q20922 CAB01509.1 D10
COL-160 WBGene00000733 Q20921 CAB01508.2 D10
COL-161 WBGene00000734 O17686 CAB02849.1 B09d
COL-162 WBGene00000735 Q9U2P5 NP_506334.1 B09d
COL-163 WBGene00000736 Q86D09 CAD89742.1 C08
COL-164 WBGene00000737 Q22651 CCD71584.1 B10a
COL-165 WBGene00000738 Q966K5 CCD65399.1 C12a
COL-166 WBGene00000739 Q86FL7 CCD74395.1 B16a
COL-167 WBGene00000740 Q22379 CCD62753.1 B16a
COL-168 WBGene00000741 Q22380 CCD62752.1 B16a
COL-169 WBGene00000742 Q86NE4 CCD62756.1 B16a
COL-17 WBGene00000606 Q17332 NP_494878.2 no_collagen
COL-170 WBGene00000743 Q86NE3 NP_872267.1 B16a
COL-171 WBGene00000744 Q86NE2 NP_872268.1 B06
COL-172 WBGene00000745 Q20142 NP_001024635.1 B16b
COL-173 WBGene00000746 Q20270 CCD67898.1 C20
COL-174 WBGene00000747 Q9GYP3 CCD71292.1 B06
COL-175 WBGene00000748 Q18480 CCD66768.1 B10b
COL-176 WBGene00000749 Q23263 NP_509692.1 B09a
COL-177 WBGene00000750 Q21039 CAA91992.2 D08
COL-178 WBGene00000751 O17641 CAB03941.1 B06
COL-179 WBGene00000752 O17642 CAB03942.1 B06
COL-180 WBGene00000753 Q18620 CAA93642.1 B16a
COL-181 WBGene00000754 Q23150 NP_001041295.1 B04
COL-182 WBGene00000755 Q21855 NP_510110.2 A2
COL-183 WBGene00000756 Q19111 NP_510247.1 E-complex
COL-184 WBGene00000757 I2HA94 NP_001257222.1 B10a
COL-185 WBGene00000758 Q7YXA3 CAE11316.1 D13
COL-186 WBGene00000759 Q19050 CAA92150.1 B16d
COL-187 WBGene00000760 Q18327 CAA94580.1 C14
COL-19 WBGene00000608 P18835 CCD71633.1 B01
COL-2 WBGene00000593 P17656 NP_501829.1 D16
COL-20 WBGene00000609 P91249 CCD69262.1 B06
COL-33 WBGene00000610 Q20091 CCD69526.1 C23a
COL-34 WBGene00000611 P34687 NP_500520.1 C23a
COL-35 WBGene00000612 Q93208 NP_492086.3 D01b
COL-36 WBGene00000613 P34803 P34803.1 D11
COL-37 WBGene00000614 G5ECU6 CAB01457.1 C08
COL-38 WBGene00000615 Q20754 CAA90250.1 A1
COL-39 WBGene00000616 Q09455 CAA86757.1 B09b
COL-40 WBGene00000617 P34804 CCD63495.1 D12
COL-41 WBGene00000618 Q22369 NP_510522.1 C03
COL-42 WBGene00013489 Q8I4C0 CAD56615.1 D15
COL-43 WBGene00000620 G5ED38 CCD64070.1 C23a
COL-44 WBGene00000621 Q20739 CAA94136.1 D13
COL-45 WBGene00000622 O01799 CCD71706.1 B06
COL-46 WBGene00000623 Q1EPL5 CCD73415.1 C23b
COL-47 WBGene00000624 V6CLE3 CDK13369.1 C19
COL-48 WBGene00000625 Q9N3D7 CCD73484.1 B05
COL-49 WBGene00000626 O44989 CCD67358.1 C05
COL-50 WBGene00000627 O01662 CCD68366.1 D01a
COL-51 WBGene00000628 Q7Z152 CCD68368.2 D02
COL-52 WBGene00000629 O01873 CCD67312.2 D06
COL-53 WBGene00000630 E5QCF2 CCD71338.1 C17
COL-54 WBGene00000631 O44774 CCD66436.1 B09a
COL-55 WBGene00000632 O01860 CCD73361.1 non-cuticular
COL-56 WBGene00000633 Q9GYS2 CCD67600.1 C07
COL-58 WBGene00000634 P91274 CCD64200.1 B11
COL-60 WBGene00000636 Q19725 NP_492013.1 B09d
COL-61 WBGene00000637 Q17582 CAA95780.1 B09a
COL-62 WBGene00000638 Q93207 CAB01958.1 D07
COL-63 WBGene00000639 Q94399 CAB03513.1 B09a
COL-64 WBGene00000640 O02271 CAB05733.1 C02
COL-65 WBGene00000641 Q9XUT4 CAB04587.1 B09a
COL-68 WBGene00000644 O44796 CCD65336.1 D10
COL-69 WBGene00000645 Q9TZ57 CCD61956.1 D03
COL-7 WBGene00000596 P18832 CAB01961.1 D07
COL-70 WBGene00000646 O61209 CCD72385.2 CELE_H17B01.2 no_collagen
COL-71 WBGene00000647 Q9N4U2 CCD64720.1 B14b
COL-72 WBGene00000648 H2L0P1 NP_001254078.1 A4
COL-73 WBGene00000649 P91250 CCD69263.1 B06
COL-74 WBGene00000650 Q23422 NP_495159.2 C21b
COL-75 WBGene00000651 Q09578 CCD72607.1 A3
COL-76 WBGene00000652 Q21528 CAA90258.2 B03
COL-77 WBGene00000653 Q21562 CAA91290.1 B06
COL-78 WBGene00000654 Q9U336 CAB63328.2 C24
COL-79 WBGene00000655 Q09233 CAA86756.1 B18
COL-8 WBGene00000597 P18833 CCD63397.2 B10a
COL-80 WBGene00000656 Q09456 CAA86758.1 D07
COL-81 WBGene00000657 Q20135 CAA90187.1 C26
COL-83 WBGene00000658 Q9NAQ4 CAB82206.2 D09
COL-84 WBGene00000659 Q21437 CAA88865.1 B09c
COL-85 WBGene00000660 O18097 CAB03369.1 D12
COL-86 WBGene00000661 Q9XVY1 NP_001254374.1 D14
COL-87 WBGene00000662 Q7YTG4 CAE45092.2 C06
COL-88 WBGene00000663 O44904 CCD71750.1 B09a
COL-89 WBGene00000664 Q19528 CAA84800.1 B09a
COL-9 WBGene00000598 Q20744 CAA94141.1 E-complex
COL-90 WBGene00000665 P34340 CCD66002.1 C03
COL-91 WBGene00000666 P34391 NP_498814.1 B09b
COL-92 WBGene00000667 Q9XVG3 CAB03474.1 C25
COL-93 WBGene00000668 Q9U348 CAB63321.1 C25
COL-94 WBGene00000669 Q9U349 CAB03475.1 C25
COL-95 WBGene00000670 Q86MP1 CAD66222.1 B13
COL-96 WBGene00000671 Q86MP2 CAD66221.1 C25
COL-97 WBGene00000672 O18286 CAB04973.1 B14a
COL-98 WBGene00000673 O17805 CAB04111.1 D17
COL-99 WBGene00000674 O76368 O76368.4 non-cuticular
CUTL-23 WBGene00021343 A0A168H2V5 SAP35541.1 no_collagen
DPY-10 WBGene00001072 P35800 P35800.2 B13
DPY-13 WBGene00001074 P17657 P17657.2 C23a
DPY-14 WBGene00001075 G5EEB6 CCD72469.1 COL59 C12a
DPY-17 WBGene00001076 Q20778 CCD67406.1 C21b
DPY-18 WBGene00001077 Q10576 CAA21045.1 no_collagen
DPY-2 WBGene00001064 P35799 CCD65274.1 B13
DPY-3 WBGene00001065 Q19079 CCD68819.1 B07
DPY-4 WBGene00001066 O62432 CAB08999.1 Col134 C23a
DPY-5 WBGene00001067 P91285 P91285.1 B09a
DPY-7 WBGene00001069 P34688 P34688.1 C13
DPY-8 WBGene00001070 Q18345 CCD66330.1 C11
DPY-9 WBGene00001071 O16787 NP_499889.2 Col100 C18
E02D9 WBGene00017098 Q4W4Y5 CCD66931.1 no_collagen
EMB-9 WBGene00001263 P17139 CAA81584.5 Collagen 4
LET-2 WBGene00002280 P17140 CCD68907.1 Collagen 4
LET-268 WBGene00002497 Q20679 Q20679.1 no_collagen
LON-3 WBGene00003057 Q23628 AAL76993.1 C10
MEC-5 WBGene00003169 G5EFQ9 AAA96505.1 non-cuticular
MUA-3 WBGene00003482 P34576 P34576.2 no_collagen
NLP-32 WBGene00003770 Q09982 185132. no_collagen
NONO-1 WBGene00017778 B3GWA1 CCD68787.1 no_collagen
NPP-6 WBGene00003795 Q21021 CAD82919.1 no_collagen
PHY-2 WBGene00004025 Q20065 CAA93469.1 no_collagen
PXF-1_(A) WBGene00004254 G5EDB9 AAL09433.1 no_collagen
RAM-2 WBGene00004300 Q20136 CAA90188.1 COL82 B06
ROL-1 WBGene00004394 Q9NA83 CAB55014.1 B14a
ROL-6 WBGene00004397 P20784 P20784.1 C09
ROL-8 WBGene00004398 P18831 CCD65932.1 non-cuticular
SQT-1 WBGene00005016 P12114 P12114.2 B08
SQT-2 WBGene00005017 O17209 CCD61131.1 COL67 C12a
SQT-3 WBGene00005018 P08124 CCE72140.1 C23a
SURO-1 WBGene00011235 Q9XU75 Q9XU75.2 no_collagen
UNC-122 WBGene00006845 Q6RSA2 AAR87493.1 Gliomedin like proteins